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Independent Football Academies and their coaches who want to take their academy to the next level can join the Stars of Africa platform and receive all the technical and marketing support to be successful in their region. Through our user-friendly CoachApp, PlayerApp and shared marketing platform they can deliver a more structured, innovative, attractive and promising experience for both players and their parents.

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All Football Academies and Youth Coaches joining the platform have one thing in common: they have a passion for football, love the game and want to develop the football stars of the future. The Stars of Africa platform is there to support and facilitate both coaches, academies and their players to overcome their challenges, maximize their impact and achieve their goals.

What makes the difference?

  • Stars of Africa supports youth coaches via a unique digital platform to get the maximum out of their time and efforts. The combination of innovative and user-friendly applications (also offline available in areas with no or poor internet) and tailor-made training sessions for coaches will increase the fun and development of the players.

  • The Stars of Africa CoachingApp supports coaches to deliver a well-structured and goal-oriented training program for all age groups. The football philosophy is based on the 7 principles of play. A proven concept that was applied by some of the most successful clubs in the world, such as FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and AFC Ajax.

  • Each training-session is supported by field set up animations, learning objectives, methodical approach and coaching points. 

  • By using the SOA CoachingApp also relatively inexperienced coaches are able to provide professional, varied and structural training sessions throughout the season, suitable by age and at a minimum of preparation time.

  • It makes it also easier for coaches to assess their players after each match or training session based on a set of relevant development goals for the specific age group and make individual player development plans.

  • Coaches are supervised and trained by a group of experienced international Master Coaches with a proven track record. A comprehensive coach education program helps them to improve their coaching skills.

What about the players?

  • To keep players involved and motivated during the week the SOA PlayerApp is listing and explaining the most important skills of the week. This way, players and their parents can prepare at home for training in a fun way an earn Coins.The skills are explained in very simple and short videos. 

  • In addition, the SOA PlayerApp provides both player, coach and parent a tool to keep track of the progress and development per player, such as training attendance, effort, technical skills and objectives. 

  • The best players and academy teams of the region can join the Stars of Africa Youth Cup of Nations or International Showcases. With a more collective promotional approach across the continent we want to maximize the exposure for the most talented youth players of Africa.

Are you interested to learn more? Do you have the ambition to take your academy to the next level? Don't hesitate to contact us. All academies attending the platform receive the SOA CoachingApp, PlayerApp, guidelines and a marketing package to represent the Stars of Africa platform in their region.


​For success, the platform should be accessible for all kids in Africa. Since the African continent has the poorest population of the world it’s our strategy to keep the user contribution and overhead cost of the platform as low as possible so that the platform is accessible for the mainstream population and not only for kids of the upper-class.

Why kids need to join a Stars of Africa Football Academy?

  • The academies offer a more structured, goal oriented and professional way of training and coaching in comparison to the current clubs and academies in the country. 

  • They offer higher level of training in comparison the academies of professional clubs at a lower price point.

  • The kids have more chances to make it to the top due to a well structured and organised pathway to success.

  • To have fun and develop a healthy lifestyle.

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— Aristotle

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